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Printer Friendly Overview about Spring & Fall Bulb & Seed Programs for 2016-2017

Printer Friendly Spring 2016 Art in Nature 8-Pg Full Size Catalog
Printer Friendly Fall 2016 Nature in Bloom 8-Pg Full-Size Catalog

Flower Bulbs for Spring and Fall
Distributed by BAKECO Fundraising

USA and Holland Bulbs. A wide assortment of Annuals and Perennials for Spring and Fall
Bulbs are guaranteed to grow and bloom or replaced free!
One of our long-time favorite programs.

Profit: 50% on 100+ items, 40% on less. Retail $7.00 to $25.00
Choose your selling season:


Nature in Bloom for Fall 2017

(24 selections for Autumn planting)
Available September thru Late November.

Collection includes:
Mixed Crocus, Mixed Dutch Iris, Mixed Tulips, Anemone Mr. Fokker, Muscari Comosum Plumosa, Cool Blue Collection, Drumstick Allium, Mixed Daffodils, Whimsical Collection, Tulip Tarda, Mixed Grape Hyacinths, Mixed Hyacinths, Sky Blue Lilies, Glory-of-the-Snow, Mixed Rock Garden Allium, Greenland Tulips, Pink Tulip Blend, Mixed Anemone Blanda, "Dutch Master" Daffodils, Super Spring Collection, Spring Rock Garden Collection, Rembrandt Tulips, Paperwhite Narcissus, and Pink Allium.

Art in Nature for Spring 2016

(28 selections for Spring planting)
Available March thru mid May

Collection includes:
Colorfest Collection (80 bulbs), Mixed Asiatic Lilies, Mixed Anemone Blanda, Stargazer Lily, Electric Blue Collection (40 bulbs), Mixed Gladiolus, Stella D’Oro Daylily, Orchid Glads, Garden Spectacular (57 bulbs), Everbearing Strawberries, Mixed Ranunculus, Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden, Bleeding Hearts, shady Annual Tree Ring, Butterfly Garden Flower Mat, Easy Care Children’s Garden Flower Mat, Sunflower Mat, Honeybee Flower Mat, Large Leaf Basil, Jalapeno Pepper, Red & Green Leaf Lettuce, Lemon Cucumber, Italian Oregano, Italian Parsley, Black-Eyed Susan, Hanging Cherry Tomato, Hanging Strawberry, Mixed Coleus, Mixed Pansy and Lobelia.

We ask that you tally your order with this program and we will make paper forms or an Excel data-entry spreadsheet available to make data entry easy. Flower bulbs in smaller orders are usually shipped bulk; however, if you send us the bottom stubs from your seller's order forms, we will bundle each seller's order separately. There is a nominal $.25 per item packet charge for this service. Minimum order for free freight is 24 items, or add $2.00 per item. Due to increased shipping charges, FREE FREIGHT MUST BE TO A COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS ADDRESS, or add a 5% of retail up-charge to ship to a residential address. Allow 2 weeks minimum for delivery.

BONUS BULBS: With orders of 500 or more bulbs, you will receive over 325 assorted "bonus" bulbs at no additional charge -- packaged separately. Use these to enhance your organizations landscape or reward volunteers!

Consider adding one of our other great programs such as coffee or non-frozen cookie dough mix to boost overall retail sales and increase your group's profit. Flowers are beautiful, but not everyone is a gardener or has a yard, so we suggest appealing to a large and diverse audience for maximum income with a second program.

Since 1993, BAKE & Co. offers up to 50% profit on fundraising products. Our fund-raising ideas, blended with quality USA-made products, provide a platform for successful fundraisers for schools, PTA, PTO, sports teams and leagues, clubs, church and youth groups, non-profit charities and civic organizations of all types and sizes in 48 states. We take pride in focusing on fund raising products that are healthy for people and the environment, and specialize in fund raisers that support breast cancer awareness, such as Relay for Life, and non-profit groups within the Seattle and Puget Sound Region of Washington State.

To Get Started -- Call 1-800-535-2253 and ask for Brenda

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