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Printer Friendly Brochure about Car Wash Program, Locations, and Get Started Order Form

Sponsored by the Puget Sound Car Wash Association , Presented to you through BAKECO Fundraising, Seattle
Call us at 1-800-535-2253 in King County
A program exclusively for the Puget Sound Region of Washington State
Corner Charity Car Washes seem like a great idea …
But parking-lot car washes can be deadly to fish and other aquatic life.

EARN $5.50 PROFIT! Your cost is $2.50, suggested selling price is $8 -- That's a 69% Profit.
If 20 participants sell 24 tickets each, at a profit of $5.50 per ticket your group earns $2,640.00!


Professional car washes remove soap and toxins from car washing water, and pipe it into a treatment facility. Storm water contamination occurs when a car is washed over a paved surface instead of at a professional car wash. Oil, dirt, and grime, along with detergent, petroleum, and wax are allowed to flow down the storm drain and into the nearest body of water. Unfortunately, most people do not know that discharging anything other than clean, cold water into Washington state waters is, in fact, illegal.


The PSCWA's program is a special partnership between business and the community. It is also one of the most effective and convenient fundraising programs available.
It's easy! Unlike some fundraising programs, you won't need to collect prepaid orders, tabulate results and wait to distribute a product at a later date.
Simply order enough tickets for each member of your group (average about 24 tickets per person), distribute the tickets to your participants to sell, and collect the money when they are done. And, tickets easily fit into a purse or pocket and are easily mailed.
Each ticket will be customized with YOUR group name.
Remind purchasers they can stock up for the year as tickets are valid for 12 months from the date they are issued and can be redeemed at over 30 wash sites through the Puget Sound area. There is a handy list of participating wash sites on the back of every ticket.

Printer Friendly Brochure about Car Wash LOCATIONS and Get Started Order Form

This program is a highly profitable solution that lets you work “smarter” not harder because -- You can raise more money since you can sell more than one ticket at a time, Rain won’t dampen your profit potential, The length of selling time is at your discretion (sell tickets all year long if you choose), and Customers will appreciate the convenience and flexibility the coupons offer.

It's easy. Allow us 3 to 5 working days to process the application, imprint and mail your tickets. Minimum first-time order is 96 tickets, minimum on re-orders is 48 tickets. The postage tracking of $6.40 is waived on all orders of 96 or more tickets. Tickets, sold in multiples of 8 tickets per page. You may re-order tickets as needed. In addition to selling wash coupons to friends and family, you will increase sales by selling at high-traffic locations like banks, ATM sites and retail stores, but please stay at least six blocks from the actual wash site, never sell tickets on wash site property.

Safety first -- please provide adult supervision for youth and teens.

NOTE: It is an abuse of this program to sell tickets on E-bay or for anything other than the suggested pricing of $6.00 to a maximum of $8 each. Block tickets as an auction item to one person is considered an abuse of this program.

Printer Friendly Application for
WA State Dept. of Revenue "Resellers Permit" Request Form
Required to purchase tickets as of Jan 1, 2010, valid for four years.

Since 1993, BAKECO offers 50% profit on fundraising products. Our fund-raising ideas, blended with quality USA-made products, provide a platform for successful fundraisers for schools, PTA, PTO, sports teams and leagues, clubs, church and youth groups, non-profit charities and civic organizations of all types and sizes in 48 states.

To Get Started -- Call (206) 592-2082 OR 1-800-535-2253 in Seattle and ask for Brenda

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